Contemplating Creative Change

622869_426947857406083_1608979094_oIf you’ve never seen a TED talk, you need to remedy this immediately. Here’s a good place to start. There are thousands more videos just like that to help broaden your mind and open you up to new ideas. Or you can do one better and attend a TED talk in person. On Saturday, November, 30th, 2013, a local TED talk will be holding in the city of Abuja at Merit House Auditorium, Maitama. TEDxAsoRock will be examining the theme: Creativity, Change and Society and will feature local changemakers such as Ike Moghalu, Tope Fashua, Eugenia Abu, and Dike-Ogu Chukwumerije, among others.

TED is a non-profit organization devoted to highlighting inspiring ideas and initiatives. It started as a conference in California, USA, 26 years ago and has grown into a worldwide movement. A TED conference brings together leading doers, thinkers and innovators together to share their inspiring ideas and tell their stories on a global platform. TEDxAsoRock is a local, self-organized TED event.

As we countdown the the Centenary celebrations in January, we are all aware that Nigeria is a nation richly blessed but at the same time uniquely flawed. Yet too often we focus on our problems debating to no end about our leaders, our politics, our history as a way to explain “Why”. But perhaps the time for wondering why has passed. Perhaps its is time to ask “What now?”

As Nigerians many of us learn helplessness early. We are often told “What can you do?” in the face of injustice and cruelty. We learn to keep quiet, to turn away and pretend it is someone else’s problem. Someone else with more resources, more education, more connections and influence will take care of it, after all, “you are only one person.” But here is the thing, one person is more than enough. Often it only takes one person to speak up to give others the courage to do the same.

In its own way, TEDxAsoRock is helping to highlight people who aren’t just asking “what now”, they are answering it through deliberate concrete action. This is a great chance to go and get inspired. November 30th is also the date for the Nigeria Centenary Exhibitions by the federal government’s ministries, departments and agencies. It will be taking place at Eagle Square, Abuja. See here for directions.

For tickets to TEDxAsoRock,go to: or call 08034056009, 08031852092, 08033223113 or 08065561210. For more about the event, email: Or visit:

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