What Are You Thankful For?

Christmas-CardThe holidays are often a stressful, anxious time for all of us. We worry about whether we’ll have enough money for food and gifts, we fret about how to cater for family. The price of everything everywhere has gone up and those of us who are travelling will find that fares have doubled or tripled. The roads will be clogged with reckless drivers intent on beating the traffic to get home in time.

But we mustn’t allow the mania to get to us. Regardless of your religious background, this is a period for reflection and gratitude. For no matter how bleak and desperate are the times we live in, we must always be thankful for the gift of life. Each of us has been given this unique opportunity to experience the world. Our families, friends, co-workers and colleagues – every one we meet – are a chance for us to learn and grow. To sow a good seed and imperceptibly improve the world.

Do not allow the momentary vagaries of a single season obscure the larger arc of your path. Let us remember that for all of time there will only ever be this version of ourselves. Each of us has a singular story and it will never be retold.

So enjoy each moment of your life, for whether it is positive or negative, for it will never be again.

Happy holidays!

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