President Jonathan’s Independence Day Address

As our nation looks back on its 53 years as an independent nation, President Goodluck Jonathan gave his customary speech to the nation this morning. However, this year he departed from the usual format and examined the state of the nation with a critical eye.

Goodluck_Jonathan_World_Economic_Forum_2013We were reminded that this independence day is the last before we celebrate our Centenary – 100 years since our amalgamation – on January 1st, 2014. That though we have faced – and still face – a host of challenges, we are uniquely alive and proudly defiant. And as the world joins us in this day of celebration, we must never lose sight of how far we have come.

“Fellow Nigerians, the past 53 years have seen Nigeria evolve on an epic scale.  Our progress since independence has not always been smooth. This is, after all, our Fourth Republic; but despite all its flaws, it has lasted longer than all the previous three put together. That is progress and it proves that, our differences – real and imagined – notwithstanding, we are, in every sense, a united nation.”

In spite of our challenges we remain committed to this fragile democracy. Happy Independence Day!

- Read the whole speech here.

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