Centenary Pageant

Beauty Peagent

20131206_231253As part of the events, a pageant is being organised to create a holistic brand experience for Nigeria through showcasing the beauty of the Nigerian women. Through this platform, Nigerian ART, CULTURE, FASHION, FOOD, MUSIC and its PEOPLE will be highlighted. 

We intend to celebrate and extol the achievements of Nigeria over the last century of her existence by taking the walk of the Nigerian woman in the last one hundred years. 

We are going to highlight and showcase all the Beauty, Fashion and Culture of Nigerians wrapped in the geographical confines of our country, NIGERIA.

Why the need for a pageant?
  • To help remind people of the Nigerian woman’s beauty both within and without. 
  • To showcase the beauty that lies within  the different tribes and states of Nigeria. 
  • The centenary anniversary is a major milestone and should be marked with a focus on celebrating the rich heritage Nigeria possess through its diverse beauty, customs and culture. 
  • A nation is only as great as its people”. Celebrating Nigerians through the pageant, will again highlight Nigeria’s culture and heritage. 
  • Create a rallying hub for Nigerians in the diaspora to celebrate Nigeria during the Queen’s Centenary tour, which will happen after the successful conclusion of the pageant.